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Behind the scenes

The Code brand came to be after several years of design work and research. Its creators initially targeted a design that is not only elegant, but follows and, at the same time, dictates fashion trends, standing out among global brands.

The other objective of the founders, one they were similarly committed to, was founding a watch factory capable of producing the design watches at the level of quality characterising premium timepieces in the price range of 1000 USD

The third objective was to tailor consumer prices so as to maintain affordability besides the high quality of the items of the Code range, in order to avoid Code models costing a king’s ransom.

Implementing these three objectives required three years of hard and uncompromising work.

The range of Code watches is inseparable from the city of Dubai. The cleanness and elegance of the design was doubtless inspired by this modern and vibrant metropolis, thus becoming one of the contributors to the creation of the CODE brand. (Inspired by Dubai).

The end result is a watch that is the all-time ultimate perfect choice for any age group and event, be it an elegant reception, a party, or just another regular weekday. It is not one of the others; it stands out in the crowd, sporting its own elegance on the wearer’s wrist.

A further four facts guarantee the quality of Code watches, ensured by the factory’s unique technology:

  1. The stainless steel housing of fine finish,
  2. The buckle perfectly incorporated into the housing, providing a comfortable wear,
  3. 5 Bar waterproof design even for the leather-strap models, suitable for swimming and bathing,
  4. Japanese-made Miyota mechanism.

A 2 year warranty applies to each model.

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